LytePost is a Revolutionary Stanchion Solution

Lytepost is a revolutionary product for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, airports, banks, store fronts, special events, and all other venues in need of directing a crowd. Here at Lytepost we believe in the powers of color and light, giving your customers a great experience even before entering your venue. Our stanchions are fully branded and are lit up by an LED core that can change through multiple colors as well as react and pulsate to music. This is a perfect way for you to bring energy, light, color, and branding to your doorsteps.

For as long as we’ve known it, the velvet rope and stanchion have been a primary fixture of every red carpet, bar or nightclub, and vip event. Stanchion’s can be spotted anywhere a controlled line is in need, whether it be entry to a sold out event, or a line at the airport. Lytepost has taken this concept and completely redesigned it with the best technology available to give even more utility to this classic piece of décor. Lytepost stanchions are equipped with top to bottom LED lights that can be set to any color as well as many different rotating designs. With Lytepost you can draw attention to your venue as well as prominently display branding and directions. Don’t just keep people in line with stanchions, direct them to YOUR line with Lytepost!

LytePost extends into Many Markets and Beyond