Frequently Asked Questions

What Are They Made Out Of?2021-10-01T08:12:36+00:00

The tube is made of high impact resistant polycarbonate The base plate is powder coated steel The base covers are made of steel The lighting is RGB LED The caps are high impact resistant ABS

How Is It Powered?2021-10-01T08:14:19+00:00

We use a rechargeable lithium-ion power bank that gets houses under the base cover.

How Long Do The LEDs Last?2021-10-01T08:15:00+00:00

We have yet to have any die. LED is usually good for around 20,000 hours.

How Long Do The Batteries Last?2021-10-01T08:19:38+00:00

It depends on the setting. Solid white draws the most post and a full charge gives you 15 hours of white light. All the other settings last two to three times as long. Also because the stanchions have two USB ports, can plug in two battery packs at once and double the life of the stanchion.

How Are They Controlled?2022-08-09T01:50:33+00:00

Lytepost stanchions are controlled by a 4 channel RF remote. This remote will let you control an infinite number of stanchions from a distance and let you pair each post to one of four channels so that stanchions can be grouped based on what color/feature you want to run at any given time. Remote has a full-color wheel, the ability to dim, and presets for different animated settings including the acoustic feature.

What Are The Control Options?2021-10-01T08:21:39+00:00

There are 9 solid color settings, slow rotating of colors, flashing of colors, white strobe light, dimming rotation of colors, and acoustic control. View Demo.

Are Ropes Included?2021-10-01T08:22:44+00:00

The velvet ropes are sold separately

How Long Is The Belt On the Retractable Version?2021-10-01T08:23:52+00:00

The belt extends 10 feet.

How Do You Customize Them?2021-10-01T08:24:39+00:00

The inserts are printed on Kodak backlit film and then just rolled up and put inside the tube. Other materials can be used as well such as acrylic ice rocks or various plastic films.

What Is The Turn Around On Custom Inserts?2021-10-01T08:25:34+00:00

Typically 48-72 hours once we receive your artwork.

What Is The Warranty?2021-10-01T08:26:05+00:00

We offer a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defects in the product.

What Happens If Something Breaks Out Of Warranty?2021-10-01T08:26:43+00:00

All of the parts are interchangeable so any one component that breaks can easily be replaced.

How Long Does It Take To Receive An Order Once It Is Placed?2021-10-01T08:28:02+00:00

In-stock items usually ship 1 week after funds and artwork (if we are making the inserts) are received.

Are Other Finishes Available?2021-10-01T08:28:46+00:00

Custom bases and caps are available but need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis and minimums will apply.

Where Do You Ship From?2021-10-01T08:34:58+00:00

Currently Los Angeles, Soon to be Las Vegas

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